Friday, June 8, 2012

A poem

So, since I've been writing a shit ton a poetry, I thought I'd share one. I swear, I've attempted to include humor in my poems and for some reason, they are always dreamy, depressing, and heavy. *sigh* Not sure how to remedy this fact but I will not look upon it as a problem. I can let out the humor in my blog. I think poetry is a place where I can express certain emotions I was never able to express through painting. I needed to let it out and felt stifled by oils and acrylics. Do all people feel this need to have an outlet for their emotions or is it just we the people who have big emotions that need to be put somewhere safe? Who the hell knows. Anyway, here's the poem:

Going Home

Catalina captivates
amidst the vastness of the Pacific.
The mirrored patches of water
ripple like a wrinkled bed sheet,
Its cerulean and pthalo blues
the color of a time I used to paint.

The particles of light dance
like a flurry of snow,
spiritual, godly, holy.
Like the first time I gave myself fully
to him, when it was
making love.

The patterns of land and houses,
roads winding their way to
the white sandy strip of shore.
The mountains fold like soft
hand-made paper
letters written but never sent.

Ascending into a cloudless sky,
streets grow faint.
Mere lines of a hand,
a Greek god’s print upon the
surface of the Earth,
creases left from my pillow
after a deep sleep.

A desert now,
empty and endless.
The plane windows shake
conjuring dreams of death,
serpents and old floor boards,
rotted and damp,
Unstable like a broken heart.

The shadows below are dark,
but not black,
a deep depression.
Like a cancer it cradles me,
cold arms an illusion of
safety and strength.

Long, thin branches of crevices,
As if painted on a canvas.
Succulents enduring,
like the memory of summer,
when it still had the scent of
coconut oil.

The artificial pools of blue appear,
crowded by tiny rooftops.
The same expected decent
into a hopeless grid.
Always waiting for him to change,
as if somehow he could shed his skin
like a desert snake.

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